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Oil Profile - Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano - this includes several essential oil specie of the origanum families

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Botanical names:  Origanum compactum ,  Origanum vulgare
Countries of Origin - Morocco (O. compactum), all others are native to Europe, USA, India, South America, Russia, Bulgaria & Italy
Processed - Steam distilled 
Part used - Flowering plant
Smell - Hot spicy, herb overtones, smells medicinal.
Color – pale yellow, gets darker with age.
Note - Mid note

Blends with: Lavandin, pine needle, spike lavender, citronella, rosemary, camphor, cedarwood and most all other herb type essential oils. 


Traditional Therapeutic actions: Analgesic, (pain) , anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, anti-infection, antispasmodic (muscle relaxant), carminative, stimulant, disinfectant,  expectorant, anti-fungal, anti-viral, bactericidal,  tonic and general immune-stimulant.

Inhalation: May be helpful during colds, flus and other upper respiratory infections , 

External as in use in a Carrier or Massage lotion: sore muscles, aches and pains,  including those from insect bites,   Oregano needs to be properly diluted for use on the skin and may be helpful for fungal skin problems.  DO NOT USE UNDILUTED ON THE SKIN, as chemical burns can occur.  

Industry/Commercial/ Other uses:  Food flavoring herb especially in the meat and pizza industries.  Used in some soaps, men’s colognes and perfumes

More notes:  Most Oregano oils are high in the constituent carvacrol which is considered to be the one of the constituents that gives it its anti-infective properties. 

Safe when properly diluted but it is best to avoid use on the skin if possible.  This is considered a ‘hot’ oil, not by temperature, but by the sensations it produces on the skin.   Used undiluted can cause chemical blisters to form.  So use caution and ALWAYS dilute before application to skin.    Can be used at 2% or less when used in massage, no irritation or sensitization noted but we encourage you to use 0.5% (1/2%) or less in any blend.  

*Any essential oil - ingested in large amounts can be fatal.*
*Keep out of reach of children.*    This oil should not be used on children or babies even if diluted. 




Room Spray Base - 4 oz
Bergamot - 60 drops
Oregano - 40 drops
Spearmint - 25 drops
Cedarwood - 15 drops
Cinnamon Leaf - 10 drops
Emulsifier - 5 ml

Add essential oils and emulsifier into a clean bottle then pour Room Spray base into the bottle  Shake well then spritz in the air. Shake well before each use.


1 Tablespoon Almond Oil or carrier oil of your choice
Oregano - 3 drops
Peppermint - 4 drops
Cedarwood - 2 drops
Lavender - 2 drops

Add essential oils to the 1 tablespoon Almond oil Stir or shake well.

Massage into and rub out the Aches and Pains! 

Sleepy Time
This blend may help relieve soreness so you can fall asleep more easily after a busy day.

Neroli - 4 drops
Mandarin - 3 drops
Oregano - 3 drops
Lavender - 3 drops
1 tablespoon carrier oil of your choice

Blend essential oils in carrier oil.  Shake well and massage your  legs, arms and back (if you can find someone to do this for you!).  

CLICK HERE for a printable page about Oregano

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