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Peaceful to S'Woods Blends

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Peaceful ™ | PURE CLEANSING™ | Refreshing  | Relaxing  | Respiratory™  | Revitalizing |
Roses Essential Oil Blend |Rose Absolutes Blend | Rosewood NE |Scratches and Booboo's™  | Senses Sleep Like a Baby| Smooth & Soft™ | Soothing Blend | Sweet Dreams™ |  Sweet Muscle Relief Synergy | S' Woods |

When essential oils are mixed or blended, the mix is stronger than the sum of the individual oils by themselves, they are said to be "Synergistic"!

The oils selected for each of the blends below provide added benefits for your health and well being.

ONLY 100% Pure Essential Oils are used to make these Blends!

Sleep like a Baby Bliss
Baby Bliss Blend

NOW called



Starting At $7.59
Peaceful Blend
Peaceful Blend

A wonderful blend to help promote peacefulness from within.

Comparable to "Peace & Calming™"

Starting At $9.19
Roses Essential oil Blend


If you miss the smell of roses, this will fit the bill!

Starting At $9.99
Pure Cleansing Blend

Clean & Purify the Air around you!

Starting At $7.99
Refreshing Blend
Refreshing Blend

Refreshing, Clean Citrus

Starting At $7.75
Relaxing Blend
Relaxing Blend

Ooooooh, Relaxation!

Starting At $7.79
Respiratory  Blend
Respiratory Blend

Breathe in, Breathe out!
Comparable to "R.C.™"

Starting At $7.89
Revitalizing Blend
Revitalizing Blend

How about some more "get up and go"?

Starting At $7.79
Rose Absolutes Blend

This is a Wonderful smelling
Rose Absolute Blend

Starting At $7.69
Rosewood NE
Rosewood NE

Yes, you can still enjoy the smell of Rosewood.

Starting At $7.31
Scratches and Booboo's
Scratches and Booboo's

Boo boo's can happen to anyone.

Comparable to "Melrose™"

Starting At $6.79
Senses Blend 10ml
Senses Blend

Get in touch with your senses

Starting At $9.99
Smooth & Soft Blend
Smooth and Soft Blend

Wrinkles got you down?

Smooth & Soft may help. 

Starting At $12.79
Soothing Synergy Blend
Soothing Blend

Ooooooh, So Soothing and Relaxing!

Starting At $7.65
Sweet Dreams  Blend
Sweet Dreams Blend

Nighty-Night, Sleep Sweetly!

Starting At $12.89
Sweet Muscle Relief Synergy

Need help with a variety of muscle ailments?

Give this awesome blend a try.

Starting At $15.08
S' Woods Blend
S' Woods Blend

Affordable Sandalwood Blend to use when you need Sandalwood in a recipe.

Starting At $10.98

These Synergy Blends are made with  100% Pure Essential oils for use in Therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Please send us an e-mail if you are not sure what all of these Synergy Blends can be used for, for your health and well-being.

Please order 2ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend.

The  2 ml sizes have no orifice reducers.   We include ONE complementary pipette.   You may want to purchase some droppers or pipettes for use with the 2 ml bottles.

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