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Personal Care Products - Unscented and Scented

Shampoo, Conditioners, Lotions, Creams  and more. 



Personal Care Personal Care


Unscented Shampoos, Conditioners
Lotions, Creams

Scented Products Scented Products

Scented Personal Care

Lightly Scented
Body Sprays, Creams
Penny's Cream & More

ALS Shampoo
ALS Shampoo
Starting At $3.39
ALS Hair Conditioner
ALS Conditioner
Starting At $3.39
ALS Sulfate Free Shampoo
ALS NoSulfate Shampoo

Sulfate AND Paraben FREE

Starting At $3.69
ALS Shower Gel
ALS Shower Gel


Starting At $3.29
ALS Hand & Body Lotion
ALS Hand Body Lotion

Everyone will love this lotion.

Starting At $3.59
ALS Rich Creme
ALS Rich Body Creme

Rich Hand, Face and Body Creme
No Scenting added
Plant based formula 

Starting At $3.49
Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter

 Light, absorbant  & moisturizing

Starting At $4.69
Oral Care Oil
Oral Care Oil

Gum & Tooth brushing oil

Body Spray
Body Spray

Make your own Scented
Body Spray or Perfume
Just add essential oils!

Starting At $3.89
Plain Lotion
Plain Lotion

Plain unscented Lotion

Starting At $4.79

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Please Click on the MAIN CATEGORIES - SCENTED or UNSCENTED to see the complete line of products in each Category.

Personal Care Products are not returnable nor refundable
Please order small sizes if you are not familiar with our products.


The Product you order has NOT had any scenting added by us or the manufacturer. 

All products do have an Inherant Odor from the ingredients used to make them. 

There are natural Essential oil molecules that are in the air at our facility.  Even though we keep the unscented products in a separate room away for the essential oils, Essential oils are strong scents and can permeate our whole building. 

It is possible you smell the packaging; such as the packing peanuts, bubble wrap or even the box.  If you smell something, we are not adding anything – you might have a super nose and smell some of the ‘stray’ essential oil molecules that may have permeated the outer surface of the bottles or packaging materials.

If Scents are a problem:  You should probably buy a 2 oz sample size to be sure you can use the product.

We do not add scenting to any of the unscented products. 

People with super sensitive smelling will usually be able to smell something.   

Personal care, Unscented products  are not returnable, nor refundable.  See our Terms and Conditions page.

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