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Vanilla Massage and Skin Oil

Vanilla Scented Massage & Skin Oil Blend
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Vanilla scented Massage and Skin oil Blend


Just a hint of the sweet smell of Vanilla.

A blend of Pure Vanilla absolute (just a hint for the perfect skin scenting) in Jojoba. 

Your skin deserves to be pampered.   Jojoba is most like you own body oils.    

Weather - sun, wind, cold etc can make your skin feel dry and chapped.

Jojoba with a hint of Vanilla is a wonderful way to help your skin.

Apply a light layer to the skin on your face.    Just a drop or two is all that is needed.

Use as an after bath body moisturizer too!    Again, just a few drops on damp skin and smooth around.  Pat dry with a soft towel.


Gently apply a thin layer to your cleaned and toned face - especially where there are fine lines and wrinkles.

 This blend can be used all day, any day.

Discontinue use if irritation should occur (very unlikely),  but in some folks it is always possible.

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