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Rewards Points

Rewards Points 

Rewards Points for your purchases.

Rewards Points

Once you are a Registered and Logged in Customer you will earn 1 Reward point for each $10.00 product purchase.

You can see how many points you have earned at that bottom of your receipt or by logging into your account. 

If you have ordered previously but did not create a "LOGIN with password" account you will need to contact us to get a 'password' to access your account. 

So Order Often, earn points, so you can Redeem points & save on your next order! 

Click Here for How to Redeem Your Points.

How much is each reward point worth? 

Most all the time they are worth 5 cents per Reward Point. 

Rewards points are redeemable on a future order.  They cannot be redeemed for cash. 

If we should run a promotion, they could be worth more per point or you may earn more points.  Be sure to be signed up as a Subscriber to the Shopping Cart Sales Notices as you will then be notified of any sales or other promotions regarding the value of the reward points.


First, you must Login to your Account.  Simply place items in your shopping cart.   When you are ready to checkout you will need to first 'View your Cart".

Next you will Click on the Checkout Button.      

If you want to pay with PayPal you can do so  AFTER you redeem your points.  Do not use the yellow PayPal Checkout button if you want to Redeem your Reward Points.  You will need to go to the regular Checkout Page.

When you are on the Checkout page you will need to scroll down and click on the Radio button that says Redeem Points

Then Click on the Continue button.   This will prompt the Cart to Redeem your available Rewards Points.  

At the top of the Checkout Page - it will tell you what your new total is and that Rewards Points were Applied. 
You can Scroll down to the bottom to see the Discount amount and new total also. 

Choose your method of Shipping.

NEXT you will either Choose the PayPal Express Checkout Button or the Credit Card Button (this is the default). 

Fill out the necessary information and then scroll down and hit the Submit button.    

Once your order is complete you WILL get an Order Complete page and an E-mail with your ordering information.

COUPON NOTE: if you are using a Coupon Code.  Fill in the Code in the space provided and APPLY it  - PRIOR to filling in the payment information AND BEFORE you hit the SUBMIT button.   If you try to enter a Coupon Code and don't apply it first - it may cause the Checkout process to completely Stall out.

NOTE: Reward points are not earned on phone orders, nor can they be redeemed by phone. 

We reserve the right to limit the total of rewards points on your account.  If you don't want to lose your rewards points you must use them. 

IF you cancel an order where you had used your rewards points, the rewards points used on the cancelled order will be lost.   Double check your order carefully before submitting.  You don't want to lose your rewards points.

We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time. 
Rewards points are not redeemable for cash.