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Amaranthine Roll-on Blend

Amaranthine 1/3 oz
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SKU: RO334 Amaranthine


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Amaranthine Massage Blend in a 10ml Rollon bottle


Endless, Timeless, Immortell, lasting beauty is what this blend is all about.

A blend of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose in Jojoba oil.

A beautiful blend of essential oils known to help reduce the affects of aging. It is formulated to help protect and nourish your skin.

This special blend was created to help your skin look smoother, more youthful and help your skin to glow with radiance.

This is a 1.5% dilution of essential oils in Jojoba oil . This dilution allows this blend to be applied on those 'Crows' Feet near your eyes.   (This may be too strong for you.  You may want to use the Massage blend version at 0.8% dilution.) 

(Do not get too close to your eyes, as essential oils can burn and sting if even a little bit gets into your eye. Should this happen, rinse with copious amounts of tepid water.)


Gently Apply a thin layer to your cleaned and toned face - especially where there are fine lines and wrinkles.

This is best applied at bedtime.  You can apply a moisturizer after if desired.

Special Note: This blend is similar to a blend available by another aromatherapy company. It is not the exact replication but does have the several of the same essential oils as theirs.

We use the nourishing carrier oil Jojoba. We do not know what they use as a carrier oil but we do know theirs is in a carrier oil.

Discontinue use if irritation should occur (very unlikely),  but in some folks it is always possible.

The Bottle Packaging color - is our choice. Currently we only have Clear bottles available.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Elaine , 09/20/2014

This blend makes my dry skin feel soft and well-hydrated,it soaks right in and does not leave any greasy feeling; it makes my skin look smooth and radiant! I don't need any additional moisturizer, this does it all for my skin. I love it! The gentle fragrance is a bonus.

Reviewed by Cheryl , 07/16/2013

I cannot believe how nice this is. My skin kind of glows and looks great. There isn't any greasy or oily feeling to it either! I really love this and it has a gentle lovely smell to it.

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