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Joint Rub Roll-on

10ml (1/3oz)
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Joint Rub Roll-on


A blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary in a MCT.

This is a 10% blend of essential oils in the massage oil base.

Do not use the Roll-on for a full body massage - it is too strong for this.

Great for use on Over worked, Tired and sore joints and surrounding muscles.

Roll-on, then massage in and around joints as needed.

This blend may feel 'icy-hot' at times due to the Peppermint essential oil. If too uncomfortable, wash area with soap and water.

Works wonders for joints that have stiffened up after a nights sleep. Also as a pre-workout massage, to help joints warm up for that exercise routine (or use afterwords if you forgot to use before!!)

The Bottle Packaging color - is our choice.

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