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Scar Lightening Roll-on

10ml (1/3oz)
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Scar Lightening Roll-on


Scar Lightening Blend is a blend of Helichrysum, Lavender, Sage and Neroli in Jojoba oil

This is a 10% blend of essential oils in the carrier oil base.

The Roll-on Version is not meant to be used on 'new' scars.  It is best for scars that are 3 months or older.

For new scars - only use the Massage Oil version and apply with a very light touch or cotton tipped swab.

This may help scars, old and new.     The massage oil version of this blend is best suited for New Scar tissue.   But will work great for both old and new scars.

This blend is more concentrated than regular massage oils.  If you should have any problems this may be too strong for you.  Simply change to the massage version.    You can always put the massage version in a roller bottle.

Do not use for massage at all.  Only apply a few drops to the scar and surrounding area.

Rub - touch - very lightly.

Apply small amounts several times a day, rather than a large amount once a day.

Just apply to the affected skin.

Do not apply to open lacerations in the skin.     It is meant to be used ONLY after the skin has healed shut completely.

NEW SCARS -  Do not use this blend (in a Roll-on bottle) for application for NEW Scars.  As that requires too much pressure on tender repairing skin tissues and may cause damage to underlying tissues.

The Roll-on Version is not meant to be used on 'new' scars.  It is best for scars that are 3 months or older.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Penny used this essential oil blend after having her abdominoplasty. This surgery for those that are not familiar has a very long incision.

After the sutures (stitches and staples) were removed and the skin had entirely closed up she began to apply this to the scar, several times a day.

Only small amounts are needed. Just put a thin coating on the scar incision. Within about 6 months the scar was almost totally gone except for a small thin line.
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