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Rose Absolutes Blend

Starting At $12.99

Rose Absolutes Essential oil Blend

A blend of:   Geranium rose, Monarda, Lemongrass citronellol type, Turkish Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Wax and Beeswax Absolute

Rose Absolutes  Blend - This is an ideal natural blend to replace the very expensive rose absolute in your products especially where cost is a concern.  This great product is made with essential oils and rose absolutes.
NOTE: because the ingredients in this blend is made of thick absolutes and waxes this blend is 'cloudy'.  It does not clear, even with gentle heating.   It is a greenish colored blend.

You will not believe it isn't 100% Pure Rose absolute, as it smells very close to the pure absolute.

We know that many of you love the smell of Rose Absolute so we sought out an alternative.  If you purchase a small amount to test and sample you will not be disappointed.  We love this absolute blend and hope you will too.

Suggested use:  This can be diffused, used in soaps, personal care products, potpourris and more.

It is very strong and we suggest you use it sparingly.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Laura B, 09/06/2017

Oh just opened the bottle. it is lovely. so refreshing. I think this may be my new favorite!

Reviewed by SK , 11/17/2016

This is really good, great choice if you love Pure Rose absolute, but much cheaper. I love it.

Reviewed by cindy h, 01/28/2015

Wow! This is deliciously rosey and I love it. You are right; it's hard to believe it isn't pure rose. Thanks for a very reasonable blend.

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