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Rosewood NE

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Rosewood NE Blend  aka Rosewood Nature Identical 

A blend of:  naturally sourced extracts including essential oil and aromatic extracts created to smell exactly (or pretty close) to pure Rosewood Essential oil.   No artificial or synthetic ingredients.

As many of you may know, Rosewood is a plant on the endangered species list and therefore the precious essential oil from this plant is no longer available.

One of our suppliers, who has top-notch chemist, has been able to replicate the scent of rosewood oil using various natural sourced aromatics obtained from essential oils and other natural extracts to replicate an unbelievable scent resembling true Rosewood oil.

This blend of natural extracts does not contain any synthetics or artificially produced aromatic compound.  All components are natural-based from plant sources.

This substitute blend can be used in most all applications where you need to have the smell of Rosewood.   Because it is made using natural plant based constituents it may have the same or similar affects as true rosewood oil. 

Since it smells like rosewood essential oil, it can be used for your naturally scented products and still produce the same smell. 

Although are not allowed to say it has therapeutic properties. Many of the constituents used in this blend will.   Only time will tell if you or your clientele will see therapeutic results.

We encourage you to try this Rosewood NE in your blending as the best substitute available for the un-obtainable pure Rosewood oil.

How does is smell?  It has a warm, woody yet floral scent. 

NOTES: It is what we consider a Top to Middle note.

Suggested use
This blend can be used in all recipes or applications as you would Rosewood essential oil.

This oil is for use in any diffuser, inhaler or jewelry, soap making, use in cosmetics, candles and more.

As always, if used on the skin, dilute properly for the age of the person using this.

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