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S' Woods Blend

S' Woods Blend
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S' Woods™ Essential oil Blend

A blend of: several Sandalwood's from around the world

True Sandalwood can be very costly. But this is a special blend of several sandalwoods from around the world including True Sandalwood from India.

The result is a wonderful sandalwood blend that can be used in any recipe that calls for sandalwood.

Use it in your soaps and candlemaking too!

A wonderful Sandalwood scent for everyday use or when real Sandalwood is not in your budget.

Suggested use
Diffuse in a diffuser. Mix with your choice of massage oil. Use anyway you would normally use Sandalwood Essential oil.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Erik T, 01/28/2017

Smells amazing. Exceeded my expectations.

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