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Auntie Em Blend

Auntie Em ™ Blend
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Auntie Em™ Essential oil Blend

A blend of: basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, helichrysum, roman chamomile

In the story "The Wizard of Oz" you will remember the character "Auntie Em". She was there for Dorothy after the storm. As you will recall, the tornado gave Dorothy a very big bump on the head and undoubtedly a big headache.

Well, Auntie Em was there to give Dorothy all the care and comfort that a kind loving Aunt can give, especially after the ordeal that Dorothy went through.

If you need the extra comfort, like a loving Aunt can give, you might want to try our Auntie Em Blend to help you too.

Suggested use:
This blend will help you by inhaling, mixed in a carrier oil for massage or a few drops in a bath to help you relax further.


Our AUNTIE EM ™ Blend has the same oils as is found in another multilevel marketing companies M-GRAIN TM blend. Our blend is made with the high Therapeutic quality oils. It is made from 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. If you want to dilute it down (and of course you should if you are going to use it on your skin) you may do so using your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or other base products.
We have 4 sizes to choose to fit your budget.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Annie , 11/24/2017

I have used this for several years for migraines. I always have quick pain relief. I have given this to family members who suffer with migraines with similar results.

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