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MSRP: $35.99
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SKU: HMJ41 w 16 Chain
Maximum Quantity: 1

Small Light Green Flower and Tree of Life with Silver Accents 

Only ONE Pendant is available

This flower/pendant is approximately 1 " by 2" in size. (See comparison photo above) Includes 16" Sterling Silver Chain


These can be worn just as they are for those who prefer no scenting or you can apply any scent or perfume you desire.

Simply apply 1 drop of essential oil on the flower.

Let soak in for 10-15 minutes (or longer) and you're now scented Flower will be ready to wear.

The gentle warmth from your own body will slowly diffuse the essential oils applied to provide you with several hours of your favorite scent. Reapply essential oils as needed or desired.

Beautiful and fashionable. No one will know that you are enjoying aromatherapy at the most personal level.

Do not procrastinate to purchase this item.

If you like this particular piece BUY it NOW as there is no way for our artisan to replicate any of her pieces.

You can choose the option of a Pendant only without a Necklace -
If you choose this option - you will need to use your own necklace or chain.

Or choose a Sterling Silver Chain of varying lengths - length choices will be listed
or a Handmade Braided cord by Penny (if available)

Prices vary depending on your choice.

Choose only one option - if you try to choose more than one by adding them to the shopping cart
- the shopping cart will give you a warning and you need to delete the selections you do not want or your order will not proceed.

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