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SEARCH For Aromatherapy Information & Products 

on both of  Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC Websites

As you know we now have two websites.   birchhillhappenings.NET and birchhillhappenings.COM
This Site here is the Shopping Site.


The 'Search' box found on this site (https://birchhillhappenings.NET) in the deep purple maroon header up above will search ONLY for Products on this shopping site.   So if you are looking Only for PRODUCTS - use the Search Box up above in the maroon area!

As an example - It will give you a list of products that say contain German Chamomile. It will give you a list of the products we offer that have German Chamomile - either as a single note or in a blend or kit.

However, it won't give you ideas or information on ailments, conditions or how it might be used. You need to do a INFORMATIONAL Search for that.
LOOKING FOR INFORMATION on What oils can be used for - what ailments or Conditions?

If you would like to know if we had information or an article say,  about 'Headaches'? or more on how a specific oil can be used.
Our INFORMATION site is will provide you with those answers.

So you can Search our INFORMATION SITE use the Search Box below. 

The "Search box"  BELOW  will give you a list of results for finding the information you might be seeking about Aromatherapy and using essential oils, ailments or conditions.

So Click inside the Search Box below and type in a word or two.  Click on Search, and it will get a list of results.  Many times you can scroll to the bottom of the page of articles and it will give you more and more until every page on our Informational site at has been listed.  It may list over 100 or more articles.

Simple as that!

HERE is the SEARCH BOX for INFORMATION on Oils, Conditions, Ailments and Uses.