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Shipping Information

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Please provide a US Postal Mailing address to Ship to as 99.9% of orders are shipped to you by USPS Mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING ADDRESS: You MUST provide a US POSTAL Service Address to SHIP your Order to.  We ship by the US POSTAL SERVICE.

If we cannot verify your Shipping Address by the US Postal Service, Your order may be cancelled and refunded.

Orders are always processed & shipped in the sequence they are received. 

         NO RETURNS or Refunds During this time of COVID-19.


Frequently Asked Questions - Click on a link
.   There are other questions listed below but are not asked as often.

When Will You SHIP my ORDER?

How do I qualify for Free Shipping?
What Items are Ineligible for free shipping?
Can I Add to my Order? or Combine Orders?

I don't use Credit or Debit Cards - Can I send you a Check or Money Order?
Can you Ship my order Overnight?

Can you Ship my order to a different Address? 

I Live in Carlton County or Am Coming up your way, can I pick up my order?
Lost or Missing Orders

Your order may be shipped by USPS First Class, USPS Priority or UPS Ground.

You will receive an e-mail with Method it was shipped and the Delivery/tracking numbers once the package is shipped.   Please allow 24 hours for the USPS or UPS to have your tracking number updated in their systems. 

First Class mail it should take 3-7 days to reach you;
Priority mail 2-3 days except Hawaii and Alaska and US Territories – 3-5 days;
UPS Ground takes 2-7 business days.

All orders will be insured up to $50.00 or more. 

Signatures will be required for orders over $300.00.

Any order over $100.00 may require a Signature.  All orders over $300.00 require a signature. You will need to have someone available to receive your package when a signature is required.  This helps to avoid lost or stolen orders.

Orders are processed and shipped in the sequence they are received.

When Will You SHIP my ORDER?

Orders are always processed & shipped in the sequence they are received.
SPECIAL NOTICE:  Shipping orders during the warm summer months. During May through late September - the hottest months of the summer, we will be shipping most orders on Mondays through Wednesdays. IF we feel your order won't be damaged by excessive heat we may at our option, ship it on Thursdays. We don't want your order sitting in a hot vehicle over the weekend or in an non-air-conditioned building or worse yet a semi-trailer sitting in some hot parking lot.  BTW Yep we watch the weather for the full USA.

Please be aware of this when placing your orders. We will try to ship orders placed through Wednesday 8:00am on Wednesday. Orders placed later, at the end of the week or weekends will be shipped as soon as possible - Usually Mondays or Tuesdays. (depending on if Monday is a Holiday).

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, realize we are thinking of you and want the best for the products you are purchasing from us.   Penny & Al

We know you want your orders quickly and we are currently processing and shipping orders within 1-4 business days. Occasionally we have been known to ship within an hour of you placing your order!  Rare but it does happen.
It is just  Penny and Al that do all the order fulfillment, Packaging and shipping!
We are doing our best, as always, to get your orders shipped to you a quickly as possible.

Remember "Business days" means Monday through Friday.
The shipping services - UPS and USPS are closed on the weekends & Holidays.

Orders are always processed in the sequence in which they were received.

Orders are shipped within 2-4 business days or less. 

Just Be sure to watch for your E-mail notices that your order has been shipped.

It will have your Delivery and Tracking numbers so you can follow your package to your chosen addressed destination.

WATCH YOUR TRACKING information so you know when it should arrive at your location.

To avoid any delays - Make sure you have entered your correct Billing Address and Shipping Addresses correctly.

If any of this information is incorrect your order will not be able to be processed until we get the correct information.

If it is wrong and you noticed it after you have placed your order - Either e-mail or CALL us and leave a message at 1-218-384-9294 with the Correct information - don't forget to give us your Order number too!

Your Post Office or local Sheriff department has your 'Standardized address' so if you are not sure what it is contact the Post Office first.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to getting your package processed and shipped out to you as quickly as we can     

Use the Safer way to pay online - PayPal
PayPal Acceptance Mark

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and  Money Orders (no personal Checks please).    If mailing your order send to:

Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC
PO Box 8

Carlton, MN 55718


We will ship orders to any place in the USA,  APO & FPO orders are welcome

We will ship to APO, FPO, & US Territories - by USPS Mail.
We do not offer shipping by UPS ground to APO & FPO & Territories

NOTE FOR KANSAS - If you have a billing address or Shipping address is in the state of Kansas - We no longer ship or accept orders from the State of Kansas. 

Just add items to the Shopping Cart.  Be sure to Register ( Create an account)  to make it easier.

If you have Registered - you can check your Orders Status and get a corrected invoice.  Of course one is always sent with your order.

IF you live outside the USA and have friends or relatives that live here and are planning to visit them, you may want to have them order some 'goods' for you and have it sent to their location. (We have done this in the past for several folks.)


Due to Extremely low orders and constant changes in international shipping regulations we are no longer shipping outside of the USA, and it's Territories  


How much is my shipping cost? To help you find your shipping costs:

On the "View Cart" Page - You can see a "Calculate Shipping" Link under the Total of your Order.

NOTE for Kansas residents:  If you have a billing address or Shipping address is in the state of Kansas - We no longer ship or accept orders from the State of Kansas. 

We choose the method it will be shipped to you when you qualify for Free Shipping

You can contact us for a quote if you should decide you need it shipped by UPS.  

How do I qualify for Free or Reduced Rates?
Online orders only in the USA  - IF your product order total is over $79.99 after Discounts are applied and only includes eligible items*, your order ships for free.
*All items are eligible for free shipping EXCEPT extremely heavy items. 
You must choose Free Shipping during the checkout process if it is offered.   
Our choice of shipping method is called "Shipping is Free".

 Please see our How to get Free Shipping Page by clicking Here

** NOTE: there is no free shipping to the following areas - Alaska, Hawai'i, Kansas, All USA Territories, Canada

All items are eligible for free shipping EXCEPT some heavier items and Special order items.

HOWEVER - Orders qualify for Free Shipping ONLY when placed ON LINE, not by phone, fax or e-mail

You MUST Choose Free Shipping at Checkout if it is offered or there is a Shipping fee.

We choose the shipping method when your order ships for Free.

Free shipping is where we choose the shipping method - we pick the method that will be either USPS First Class,  USPS Priority or UPS Ground - You'll get a notice from the shipping carrier with your tracking information 

 Sorry, No free shipping on PHONE ORDERS, faxed and/or EMAIL orders & orders may have an additional $5.00 manual handling & processing fee.   Save $$ - place your order online.
Free shipping applies only to orders placed through our ON-LINE Shopping cart.  No Free or reduced or Flat rate shipping on phone, faxed or emailed orders.  
** NOTE: there is no free shipping to the following areas - All USA Territories

KANSAS residents: If you have a billing address or Shipping address is in the state of Kansas - We no longer ship or accept orders from the State of Kansas. 

Use the Safer way to pay online - PayPal
PayPal Acceptance Mark

Can I Add to my Order? or Combine Orders?

Unfortunately, No you cannot add to an Order.  Recent changes in our Credit Card Merchant account (including PayPal)  won't allow us to add items to an order you have recently placed.

If you have forgotten an item or two, you will need to place another order.  
Please don't call or e-mail about adding any items.  Please place another order.

NOTE: Each order will have it's own shipping fees.   We no longer are allowed to ship orders together as each order processed (Credit Card or PayPal Transaction)  must have it's own unique tracking number. 

To Explain: Since our Shopping Cart processes order in "Real time" we are unable to 'add' to an order. New Credit Card Regulations do not allow us to 'reauthorize a larger amount' on an existing order since our Shopping cart already 'authorized' the original order.    Also - each credit card transaction must have it's own unique tracking number so we cannot ship two orders in one package - sorry, but we have to follow 'their' rules.

If you have forgotten an item or two, you will need to place another order and unfortunately it will have it's own shipping fees and a unique tracking number.

Minimum shipping is currently $6.00
Small weight items (under 1 lb)  will always ship by USPS First Class.   If you need it shipped by USPS Priority or USPS or UPS Ground or Air you need to contact us for a quote.

Shipping costs are determined by Weight and the Distance (Zone) from Minnesota your order has to travel.
We are constantly updating and checking weights of products so we can provide you with the BEST shipping costs.

Please know that your Order will be shipped by USPS MAIL ONLY!
It is cost prohibitive or NOT allowed to ship by UPS to your locations.

 Can I Delay the shipping of my order?

We will not hold or delay processing or shipping of your order as your Credit Card or PayPal account has already been 'authorized' for the amount of your order. And we have to process and ship your order promptly (typically within 3-4 business days).

We are obligated to speedy processing and shipment of your order according to the credit card and banking rules we must follow. 

If you need it shipped later - place your order later.

Please don't ask for delayed processing or shipment.

We process orders in the sequence they are received. The approximate time of shipping is determined by the day of the week and the volume of orders we have received when you placed your order.

During most of the year we are processing orders and shipping them out within 1-2 business days.    (Saturdays and Sundays are not business days).

Why do we hold orders sometimes for 24 hours before processing?
**Currently we are Shipping out all orders ASAP - PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL ADDRESSES ARE CORRECT!!
If an Order is returned to us because you gave us a wrong address -

Occasionally we see discrepancy in addresses etc and need to contact the customer.  This allows us time to make the necessary changes.

I don't use Credit or Debit Cards - Can I send you a Check or Money Order?

We understand that not everyone has a credit card.   We will accept a Money Order but no personal checks.  You need to e-mail us with the items you wish to order to get a total and invoice to mail in with your Money Order.


WINTER OFFICE HOURS - October through April - We plan on being in the Office Monday through Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 4;00 PM Central time.
However, on some days, we may be out of the office with appointments.   We will get back to you ASAP when we are in the office.

SUMMER OFFICE HOURS - May through October - We plan on being in the Office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays and some Thursdays from 9:00-am to 4:00 pm Central time. However, please read on.    

If Possible, place your orders Monday through Wedneday (before Noon central time) so we can be sure to ship it to you on late Wednesday or Thursday AM. 

Otherwise orders will be shipped on Monday, that were placed from Wednesday after Noon through Sunday evening. 

In the past we typically have taken a 2 week vacation but we no longer will be taking an extended vacation INSTEAD, we have chosen to be in the office each week Monday-Thursday - depending on our appointments or if we are taking a Four Day weekends.

This is important for you to know so you understand that we WILL get back to you as soon as possible.

We know you are all anxious to get your orders, we will try to ship out all orders within 24-72 hours (business hours that is!)

Depending on the size and volume of orders, on occasion we will even process and ship orders out within Minutes of them arriving in our Order box.

So if you need to make changes to addresses etc, you need to contact us IMMEDIATELY as you never know if the day you place your order we are just waiting to process and ship it out!

Typical Shipping scenarios are as follows - but as stated above if we are 'caught up' it may be processed and shipped within minutes:

Mondays orders are usually shipped on  - Thursdays
Tuesdays orders are shipped on Wednesdays or Thursdays
Wednesdays orders are shipped on Wednesdays or Thursdays, rare, but can happen it won't ship until the following Monday.
Thursdays orders are shipped on Mondays
Fridays orders are shipped on  Mondays
Saturdays & Sundays orders are shipped on Mondays.

Please know that this is just a rough idea when your order may be shipped. We always try to ship them out as quickly as we possibly can, and on slow days your order may be received by us, processed and shipped right away!!

The actual day we process and ship your order is dependent on the volume of orders we receive each day.

Remember it's just Penny & Al that do the processing etc for your order.

You will know that your order has been shipped once you get an e-mail from us AND from either USPS or UPS with your delivery confirmation and tracking information.

Use the Safer way to pay online - PayPal
PayPal Acceptance Mark

We will send you an e-mail once your order has been shipped.

Once we send you the e-mail notice, your package should arrive in about 3 - 7 days  depending on which shipping method you choose.

Watch your tracking numbers for arrival.

It is your responsibility to provide a safe place or someone to take in your order.  If it is stolen you have to contact USPS or UPS for information about your package.

USPS First Class or USPS Ground mail usually arrives within 2-7 days but can take longer

USPS Priority Mail usually arrives within 2-3 days but can take longer.

UPS Ground within 2-7 days depending on where you live from Minnesota.

What address should I use?
In the United States:    Almost all of our orders are small and are shipped by USPS Mail.  So provide your USPS Mailing address.   If your order is large or heavy it may be shipped by UPS Ground.  

If you are having your order shipped by USPS Mail you can use either a Post Office Box or your Street address (provided your street address is a deliverable address).

A Post Office Box that is fine for USPS shipped packages, BUT NOT if you want to ship your order by UPS.

In that case, we need your Street Address. Now we know that you may not have a Post Office Box, that you are like the majority of the folks and get your Postal Mail AND your deliveries by UPS at the same residence (or office). But UPS won't deliver to Post Office Boxes and in some areas of the USA the address you provide for shipping can only receive packages delivered by other carriers like UPS or Fed EX and not by the Post Office.

So, If you have a Post Office Box AND a STREET ADDRESS Enter both in the Shopping Cart (there is room as there are 2 lines for addresses!!)

If you are having it shipped by UPS - the United Parcel Service - they need a STREET ADDRESS to deliver to you.
If you only give us a POST OFFICE BOX we will ship by United States Post Office mail NOT by UPS (United Parcel Service).

 Do I have to sign or be home for my order?
**If your order is over $100.00 it MAY require a signature at time of delivery by your Post office or UPS.

**If your order is over $300.00 it WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE at time of delivery by your Post office or UPS.

This is the Address that your CREDIT CARD Statement or BANK Statements would be sent to. It is the address they have 'on file' where you receive your letters.

This usually is the same as your Billing Address. It is where you want to get packages delivered to.

BUT If you have a POST OFFICE BOX - realize we cannot ship your package to you by UPS (United Parcel Service) as they don't deliver to Post Office Boxes.

UPS Ground delivery needs a STREET or ROAD address.

If your Billing and Shipping addresses are different - Please, Send us an E-mail why they are different.
Did you move recently and you haven't changed your banking information? Do you use a PO Box for most of your mail but want this order sent to your Residence or Place of work? Or is it a gift?

Answering these questions makes it easier for us to process your order more quickly.

Other wise for your Credit Card Safety, we reserve the right to ship Orders to correct Billing Addresses.   (Part of the security involves addresses matching your information on file with your Credit Card company!)

Please Review your order and be sure ALL Addresses are correct and up to date.

You are ultimately responsible for reviewing your order. Before submitting your order, Review the items in your cart to assure yourself that you are ordering the correct items and quantities.

Remember - Al and Penny are the only employees!
That's right, it's only the two of us that run Birch Hill Happenings.
We don't have any other workers in our shipping department - just Penny and Al.
Al assembles the orders, Penny double checks and packs them and does the final checks to make sure everything you ordered is in place.

If you should experience difficulty when trying to place an order through the shopping cart please contact us by e-mail or call us.
Thank You!   Penny & Al

If you get an error message you cannot resolve PLEASE CALL (218-384-9294) and leave us a detailed message as we need to be made aware of any problems with our shopping cart Thank you .

Can you Ship my order Overnight?
Please Plan ahead. We cannot guarantee Overnight shipping.   If you contact us by Phone AND e-mail we MAY be able to get it there quickly.  

If you need an order to be Expedited  to you by  Next Day or Second Day  You have to call us.  There are additional fees if you need to expedite an orders shipment.   Please leave a message where you can be reached during the day time Central time zone hours.   If not, then we may not be able to expedite your order.   Our number - 1-218-384-9294.   

We are not in the office on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  So this makes it hard to offer overnight for any order.  Therefore we have opted not to offer overnight shipping unless you contact us in advance.

 Remember at Birch Hill Happenings we have no Minimum orders
(remember there are shipping/handling/insurance fees on all orders unless you qualify for free shipping. )

Can you Ship my order to a different address?

Yes we can but we do suggest you send us an E-mail and/or call us to let us know the order is being shipped to a different address other than your billing address.     Our number to call is 1-218-384-9294 - just leave a message with the order number and your name, return phone number if we should need to contact you further.

We do reserve the right to ship only to a billing address. 

For those of you that live in Carlton County Minnesota  or are going to be visiting our area, and would like to know about ordering and picking up your supplies:

First,  Realize we are not your typical business - We are an Internet Based, Mail Order business. 
We do not have a "Brick and Mortar Store"  - We have no retail store location. 

Our address says, Barnum, but we really are closer to Wrenshall and Carlton. 
We are 15 miles from Barnum and we are not near the Interstate so you can't just 'hop off the Freeway'. 

We suggest you place your order online, send us an e-mail you want to pick it up. 

When we have it ready, then we will contact you to let you know when you can pick it up.

If we give you a time that doesn't work for you, we will let you know where to pick it up.   

We will refund the Shipping Fees when processing your order.

IF YOU ARE FROM OUT OF THE AREA - Just plan on having it shipped to your home or other location.  We have found that in the past - it just doesn't work out for you to pick it up from our location.


It is very rare for your order to be lost or missing. But it does occur and we have found that most folks (99.99%) have been able to locate their package - with the following helpful information. 

There is not much else we can do once we put it in the hands of the shippers.

We entrust it to either the US Postal Service or the United Parcel Service for it to get to you.

If your order is lost or missing - please check your tracking number that was sent to you by the email you used to place your order.   Make sure that is was delivered or if it is still in transit. 

Please check with neighbors or in any place you have had delivery services place your order when you are not around. 

Orders are INSURED ONLY for Damage.   It is not insured for lost, missing or stolen packages.  You may need to contact your local Post Office - Post Master or Mail Carrier to find out where your package is located. 

IMPORTANT NOTE about tracking by the USPS:

If the tracking information is not current it does not mean your package is not on it's way. Unfortunately no tracking system is perfect and may not be updated as much as you would like.

Please understand there is absolutely NOTHING we can do once your package is in their system. SO If it is trully LOST and is not delivered to you: In other words - the delivery tracking says it was not delivered then you may be able to file a claim.

If it was shipped by Priority Mail and not delivered:

Then After 21 days, then a claim can be filed. YOU cannot do that before 21 days from acceptance at the Post Office. See

If it was shipped by First Class Mail

Then you need to wait 30 days. If it is not delivered then you can have the Postal Service try to Track it down, give them the tracking number for your order.

First Class packages are ONLY insured by our 3rd party insurer for upto $50.00 retail value ONLY if the order was a Free Shipping Qualified order where we choose to ship it by First Class. We can reimburse you only for damaged orders by replacing the damaged items.

IF you need the items sooner, without waiting for the 30 days, then we suggest you Place another Order and choose Priority Mail or UPS as the shipping method, since both of these methods include insurance by the respective carrier service.

If the 'LOST' order then arrives you can refuse it or the 'reorder'. Please let us know what you want to do.


The only thing We can do is give you some suggestions – To help you try to find your package.

  • Does the time stamp for the Delivery Confirmation or Tracking number look correct for the time your mail or UPS packages are usually delivered?
  • Was the person that delivered your package on the day in question – your regular mail carrier or a substitute? (You may need to ask the Post master, not the postal clerk or carrier)
  • Note the Time stamp for the time of delivery – Is that around or near the time your mail is delivered? If not Why the discrepancy? Again - Ask your Postmaster (not the mail carrier or a postal clerk).
  • Ask your Neighbors, sometimes neighbors will get your mail if you are not home (and forget to let you know they have it sitting in the house). Or Maybe you asked them to take in your mail or
  • Did you tell your mail carrier to put packages in the garage, another building or another place when you are not home.
  • Stealing Mail is a Federal Offense and is punishable by law.
    If you suspect your package was stolen by a neighbor, stranger or the mail carrier (yes sometimes it can be stolen by Postal workers) you need to contact your POSTMASTER (please talk to the Postmaster – not one of the Postal Clerks they are not in charge of the Post office and many of them do not know the correct procedures)
  • FILL OUT the appropriate forms –You need to get them from the Postmaster for possible theft/rifling. Your mail route will be closely monitored for inappropriate activity and your mail carrier will be made accountable for all your mail for several weeks to months.

IF your package was to be delivered by UPS

You will need to contact the local service center AFTER you have the tracking information for your package. They will be able to help you by contacting the Delivery Driver for your stop to find out where it was delivered.

IF you had your Package Sent to your Work Place.

PLEASE Check with your MAIL ROOM CLERK DEPARTMENT Personnel. They are under the same obilgations as all Postal Workers. All mail/packages are still to be made accountable by the folks that work in that room or department. Again, stealing can occur there too.

Packages delivered to any office building will have a time stamp too, either by the Post Office or UPS.

We did our part by processing and shipping your order.

We put your package in the “hands” of the Postal service or UPS and they then took “responsibility” to deliver it.

If you think it may have been stolen, either by the postal carrier or someone else, you should fill out the paperwork for theft, as it is a Federal offense.

Start at the Post Office if it was sent by USPS or UPS Service, then contact your Local Sheriff or Police Department. As stated it is still an unlawful act for anyone to 'steal' your mail or packages from your home.

If it was a possible Mail theft, Then your route will be ‘watched’ both by the postmaster and the regional representative for a while to make sure that more things are not disappearing. Remember if you had a package or letter stolen how many others like you, or your neighbors are not getting their mail or packages?

Sorry we can’t be of more help, but as I mentioned above this is the Postal service or United Parcel services responsibility as to where you package was actually delivered or where it went.

Remember YOU Paid for their services too!

Also if you think it may have been stolen, please contact your local neighborhood watch or police to let them know things are disappearing.

If your Mail or Packages are missing chances are other folks mail and packages are too.