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Plain Soap Plain Soap

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Plain - Made in the Out Back of Australia - Unscented Bar Soap

Basic soap is made using a fat source and mixing that with caustic ash (aka lye) in a predetermined amount of water.

When all is properly mixed you get 'soap'. Some soap are processed 'cold' others 'hot'.

There are soaps for those that want to scent their own known as Melt and Pour soaps - these are popular by crafters.

We have ALL NATURAL Soaps in Bars that are unscented. 

They are made  in the Outback of Australia.

The Australian made soap is made using all Coconut oil as the fat portion. 

BAR SOAPS are not returnable or refundable**

Melt & Pour Soap 1 lb
M & P Soap

Easy to Make for your own use or to give as Gifts


$3.99 - $5.99
Plain Soap Australia
Plain Soap Australia

Natural Plain Bar Soap
Made in the Outback in Australian