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Melt & Pour Soaps
Everyone can have fun and be creative making your own soap!

It is simple, easy and fast to make your own scented soaps. Or you can leave it unscented too.

Using this all natural Melt & Pour Soap base is very easy. 

Simply Melt in your Microwave or on the kitchen stove in a Hot water bath until melted.

Add Scenting and Body safe coloring, pour into your molds.

Once cool for 24 hours - pop out of the molds and it is ready to use! 

Wrap tightly in air proof bags to store for gift giving.   


Melt & Pour Soap 1 lb
M & P Soap

Easy to Make for your own use or to give as Gifts

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Melt & Pour Soap 1 lb
M & P Soap Seconds

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Simply place the Soap block in top of a double boiler (the double boilers base is filled with water and heated to a low simmer) and let the soap melt slowly in the top pan. Stir gently as it melts.

Or as an alternative you can place the soap block in a glass bowl and use your microwave oven at 50% power to slowly melt the soap too. DO NOT LET THE SOAP BOIL or it will be ruined!

Check the temperature using any cooking thermometer (preferably a digital) often to keep the temperature under 155 degrees or so until it is all the soap is melted.

Remove from the heat source (or microwave)and start to cool, stir occasionally. Then once it is cooled to about 130 degrees, add your essential oils and gently stir in.

Pour into the molds. Spritz with a little rubbing alcohol to 'pop' any of the little bubbles that may be on the surface.

Now the following is the hardest part - that of being patient for the soap to cool. It can take 12 to 24 hours for it to cool enough to allow you to be able to remove the soap from the mold.

Once it is out of the mold it is ready for use.

If you don't need 'all the bars' right at the moment, then you need to wrap them in a 'saran' type wrap to prevent them accumulating moisture.

Because the soap has glycerine as one of the ingredients it 'attracts' moisture and the 'bars' of soap can become very soft, especially in warm humid conditions.


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