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Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser - Blue

Spa scenter Fan Diffuser - BLUE
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SKU: SpaScenterBlue
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Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser - BLUE

The unique design of this Electric fan diffuser makes the use of essential oils easily enjoyable.

This unit is 5" high and 5" in diameter.

This Electric fan diffuser comes with 5 reusable pads

TO USE: Simply pull out the drawer, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to the pad.

The amount of oil drops you add to the pad will vary depending on the size of the room and oils being used.

Normally we recommend you start by adding 10 - 20 drops on the cotton pad. Of course if you are using a strong oil such as Peppermint, you may want to add fewer drops to begin.

Warning:  Do not over saturate the pad to the point it is 'dripping'.  This will cause the essential oils to drop down inside the electric fan motor and will damage it.  The manufacturer will not replace any diffuser for your over use of essential oils on the pad.
Next turn on the variable speed fan for instant diffusion.

Turn on high for immediate diffusion or on low for a constant lower level of diffusion. Or set on any speed in between!!

Powerful - It is most efficient in rooms around 500 sq. feet. But has been known to permeate with light scenting up to 1,000 sq. feet.

 There are two colors available for any decorating scheme.

This unit is safe for use in the home, office, hospitals, nursing homes and around children and the elderly. Great for any room of the home you would like to have scented quickly and quietly.

Plugs into wall outlet with included AC adapter. Requires a 110-120 Volt Electrical outlet.
This is the type used in the USA and Canada.

(This unit has a limited warranty from the date of purchase.)

  As with any product that has an electric motor these units will not be noise free.  You will hear a fan and motor sound.   It should be a minimal "white noise' sound.   Again do not over saturate the pad with oils.  The units are checked here before they leave our facility and are in working order. If they do not work after you have been using them with essential oils and blends - the manufacturer will not replace them.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jeanne, 07/18/2016

This is a great little unit. I use it at work to keep a pleasant fragrance in the office. The nice smell makes coworkers happy!

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