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> Synergy Blends

Synergy Blends of Essential oils

When essential oils are mixed or blended, they are said to be "Synergistic"!

Essential Oil (synergy) Blends are very good to help you enjoy more than one essential oil at a time.

The oils selected for each of the blends below provide added benefits for your health and well being.

ONLY 100% Pure Essential Oils are used to make these Blends!

The majority of the Synergy blends we sell are blended in small batches frequently in our own lab, using the finest essential oils.

There are blends for many different emotional situations and health conditions.

  • From Meditation and relaxation, to Stress Relief, there are Uplifting and energizing blends too.
  • Blends to help with skin, joints and muscles, and female hormonal changes.
  • There are blends to help clean the air of all those nasty disease producing germs 
  • Can be mixed in lotions, oils and creams to fight germs that have attacked your body.

Many blends smell so good you may want to just diffuse in the air to scent the room or the whole house while entertaining or for your own personal enjoyment.

You can enjoy these blends in your bath, lotions or massage oils.   You can even make them into Perfumes by adding them to Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut.  Then put a little in your hair or on your 'pulse' points.

Using Synergy Blends makes your life a whole lot simpler!

Conifer Blend Conifer Blend
Free & Easy Free & Easy
Peaceful Blend Peaceful Blend
Four Robbers - compare Thieves TM Four Robbers - compare Thieves TM


Our Synergy Blends that are comparable to YLO, doTerra and Others

Allergy Tamer ™ Blend
Allergy Tamer Blend

This blend was created to help with your allergies.

Starting At $30.39
Anxiety Stop™ Blend
Anxiety Stop Blend

A wonderful anti-anxiety & panic relieving blend.

Starting At $0.00
Auntie Em ™ Blend
Auntie Em Blend

Pain got you down?  A 'loving Aunt' to give some comfort!
Comparable to "M-GrainTM"

Starting At $28.99
Sleep like a Baby Bliss
Baby Bliss Blend

NOW called



Starting At $13.69
Beautiful™ Blend
Beautiful Blend

This floral blend will make anyone feel Beautiful!

Starting At $21.99
Bedtime Bliss™ Blend
Bedtime Bliss Blend

Enjoy this blend as you gently drift off to sleep.

Starting At $17.99
Brain Energy™ Blend
Brain Energy Blend

A  powerful mind energizer!
Comparable to
"Brain PowerTM"

Starting At $29.99
Calming Blend

OUR MOST Popular Blend! 
This special blend will help to calm you.

Starting At $21.79
Celebration  Blend
Celebration Blend

Let's Party!!

Starting At $11.89
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

Yep, that's what this Scent reminds you of!

Starting At $13.99
Citrus Blend
Citrus Blend

Light and refreshing citrus oils.

Starting At $7.89
Conifer Blend
Conifer Blend

The scent of the north woods!

Starting At $11.49
Dar's Blend ™
Dar's Blend

Works great on Painful muscles!
Comparable to "PanAway®"

Starting At $26.99
Dizzy Blend
Dizzy Blend

Feeling Dizzy or do you have Motion sickness?
It just might help.

Starting At $32.99
Easy Breathe Blend
Easy Breathe Blend

Help to breathe a little easier!

Starting At $12.79
Elation Blend
Elation Blend

Let's lift your Spirits!

Starting At $10.99
Enlighten Blend
Enlighten Blend

Cheerfully, lift your spirits with this blend.

Starting At $12.99
Forest Rain Blend
Forest Rain Blend

Smells like the Forest after a spring rain.

Starting At $13.99
Fruity & Floral Blend
Fruity and Floral Blend

Clean, Refreshing Fruity Floral Blend.

Starting At $8.99
Full of Life  Blend
Full of Life Blend

 Fill your life with meaning and abundance!

Comparable to "Abundance™"

Starting At $19.99
Happy! Happy!!
Happy! Happy!!

The wonderful sweet floral notes will make you feel so Happy!

Comparable to "Joy™"

Starting At $24.99
Holiday Spice
Holiday Spice

A wonderful Spicy Holiday Blend.

Starting At $10.89
Inspiration Blend
Inspiration Blend

Need some Inspiration?

Starting At $8.79
Keep It Movin' Blend
Keep It Movin' Blend

Keep Agile and limber!

Starting At $13.69
Meditation Blend
Meditation Blend

Peace & Relaxation while you Meditate.

Starting At $24.49
Muscle Relief
Muscle Relief

Need help with a variety of muscle ailments?

Starting At $27.59
My Angels Blend
My Angels Blend

Enjoy a Spiritual and healthy 'halo' surrounding you.
Comparable to "White Angelica™"

Starting At $27.59
No more Grazing!
No more Grazing!

Stop the cravings!

Starting At $14.79
Peaceful Blend
Peaceful Blend

A wonderful blend to help promote peacefulness from within.

Comparable to "Peace & Calming™"

Starting At $15.49
Refreshing Blend
Refreshing Blend

Refreshing, Clean Citrus

Starting At $16.69
Revitalizing Blend
Revitalizing Blend

How about some more "get up and go"?

Starting At $11.79
Rose Absolutes Blend

This is a Wonderful smelling
Rose Absolute Blend

Starting At $12.99
Roses Essential oil Blend


If you miss the smell of roses, this will fit the bill!

Starting At $17.69
Rosewood NE
Rosewood NE

Yes, you can still enjoy the smell of Rosewood.

Starting At $12.53
Soothing Synergy Blend
Soothing Blend

Ooooooh, So Soothing and Relaxing!

Starting At $12.59
Sweet Dreams  Blend
Sweet Dreams Blend

Nighty-Night, Sleep Sweetly!

Starting At $23.99
Sweet Muscle Relief Synergy

Need help with a variety of muscle ailments?

Give this awesome blend a try.

Starting At $31.59
Take Five Blend
Take Five Blend

When you need a 5 minute Break from the world!

Starting At $13.29
Tei - Fu Blend
Tei - Fu Blend

Ancient Chinese Essential oil blend

Starting At $10.49
The Cleane
The Cleaner

Clean, Clean, Clean

Fresh and Sweet!

Comparable to "Purification™"

Starting At $12.99
Theratone Blend
Theratone Blend

Let your skin Glow!

Starting At $14.99
V 'Nillas

Wonderful blend of vanilla scented essential oils, resin & absolutes.

Starting At $14.39

These Synergy Blends are made with  100% Pure Essential oils for use in Therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Please send us an e-mail if you are not sure what all of these Synergy Blends can be used for, for your health and well-being.

Please order 5ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend.

You may want to purchase some droppers or pipettes for use with smaller bottles.
Please order 5 ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend. Not all oils are available in all sizes. 

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