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Beautiful Blend

Beautifulâ„¢ Blend
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Beautiful™ Essential oil Blend

A blend of: rosewood, patchouli, rose geranium, litsea cubeba, bergamot fcf, sandalwood, jasmine

This floral blend may make anyone feel Beautiful. It may make you feel like a goddess!

Suggested use:
Diffuse into the air using your favorite diffuser. Mix with a carrier oil and add to the bath. Add to an unscented shampoo and conditioner. Add to your hand and body lotion.

This is one of the blends where allowing it to sit and age for a few weeks improves the aroma. 
If you purchase this blend and we have a note that it was just blended.  Please allow it to develop its true scent by letting it age a few weeks.  You will be so surprised at how the smell changes.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy , 11/14/2016

This is our very favorite diffusing smells in our house. Patchouli has always been a relaxing oil for me and I'm very particular about where my patchouli comes from~you two nailed it on this smell!!!! 

Reviewed by Megan , 01/17/2014

I LOVE this blend!!!
Exotic, yet familiar, enchanting & inspiring. The subtle spicy citrus paired with the woody notes and the sensual florals is nothing less than perfect. Thank you for such a beautiful creation.

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