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Our Synergy Blends that are compariable to YLO, doTerra and Others

Auntie Em ™ Blend
Auntie Em Blend

When pain has got you down, look toward a 'loving Aunt' to give you some comfort!

Comparable to "M-GrainTM"

$10.19 - $94.59
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend
Blue Muscle Mend Massage Blend

Blue Healing Oils to the Rescue!

$17.18 - $49.99
Blue Muscle Mend Roll-on Blend
Blue Muscle Mend Roll-on Blend

Blue Healing Oils to the Rescue!
In a Roll-on, Yeah!

$8.69 - $19.99
Brain Energy™ Blend
Brain Energy Blend

This is a great and powerful mind energizer!
Comparable to "Brain PowerM"
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$9.18 - $93.49
Courage ™ Blend
Courage Blend

A blend to build your self esteem.

Comparable to "Valour ®"

$7.19 - $79.99
Dar's Blend ™
Dar's Blend

Works great on Painful muscles!

Comparable to "PanAway®"

$9.49 - $132.58
Dearest Baby Blend
Dearest Baby Blend

 Your most precious gift needs an extra special blend

$6.99 - $97.48
Four Robbers Blend
Four Robbers Blend

As legend tells, a blend similar, was said to be used by robbers and thieves during the plagues!

Comparable to "Thieves®"

$6.38 - $54.79
Free & Easy Blend
Free & Easy Blend

Great before & after your workout.

Comparable to "AromaSiez TM " & AromaTouch TM

$5.29 - $38.99
Full of Life  Blend
Full of Life Blend

 Fill your life with meaning and abundance!

Comparable to "Abundance™"

$7.19 - $81.18
Happy! Happy!!
Happy! Happy!!

The wonderful sweet floral notes will make you feel so Happy!

Comparable to "Joy™"

$8.69 - $107.39
My Angels Blend
My Angels Blend

Enjoy a Spiritual and healthy 'halo' surrounding you.
Comparable to "White Angelica™"

$9.79 - $92.59
ORGANIC Four Robbers Blend
ORGANIC Four Robbers Blend

ALL NEW ORGANIC Four Robbers Blend made using ALL Organic & Certified Organic Sourced Essential Oils.

Comparable to "Thieves®"

$8.28 - $106.08
Peaceful Blend
Peaceful Blend

A wonderful blend to help promote peacefulness from within.

Comparable to "Peace & Calming™"

$5.29 - $42.59
Protect Me!  Blend
Protect Me! Blend

Protection from those Nasties (germs that is)!

Comparable to "Immupower™"

$7.48 - $92.89
Renewal Blend
Renewal Blend

Need a Spring in your Step?

Get Renewed!

Comparable to "Juva Flex™"

$10.99 - $36.98
Respiratory  Blend
Respiratory Blend

Breathe in, Breathe out!

Comparable to "R.C.™"

$5.38 - $43.79
Scratches and Booboo's
Scratches and Booboo's

Boo boo's can happen to anyone.

Comparable to "Melrose™"

$5.28 - $41.89
The Cleane
The Cleaner

Clean, Clean, Clean

Fresh and Sweet!

Comparable to "Purification™"

$4.99 - $34.99

Trust in it's Calming effects.

It works!

Comparable to "Believe™"

$5.38 - $44.49

These Synergy Blends are made with  100% Pure Essential oils for use in Therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Please send us an e-mail if you are not sure what all of these Synergy Blends can be used for, for your health and well-being.

Please order 2ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend.

The  2 ml sizes have no orifice reducers.   We include ONE complementary pipette.   You may want to purchase some droppers or pipettes for use with the 2 ml bottles.