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Easy Going Blend

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Easy Going™ Essential oil Blend

A blend of: Patchouli, Cajeput, Litsea Cubeba (aka May Chang)  and other wonderful 100% pure essential oils in this proprietary blend.

Time to get laid back and take it easy. This blend makes you feel Serendipitous with a new found feeling of joy and happiness. How fortunate for everyone when this blend is diffused. 

Peacefulness and serenity will soon overcome you as you enjoy the beautiful combination of these essential oils.  

They will help ground you as you continue to take life along a easier path - even if it is just for a few hours.

What does it smell like?  Light, citrus with camphorous under tones from the cajeput.  It will open up your airways to help you relax  - and does it very gently. 

Soon you will smell the patchouli as you continue to unwind and relax.  You will feel grounded yet filled with serene thoughts.  

Remember all essential oils have other benefits to your health besides emotional health.  The antibacterial, anti-viral properties may still be very abundant in this blend.  Give it a try the next time you have a cold or other upper respiratory affliction.  You don't always have to smell eucalyptus, cinnamon or peppermint to help with these ailments.  

Suggested use
Diffuse into the air using your favorite diffuser.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Marianne F, 04/24/2018

Not only does this calm me down but I love the smell.