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Mint Energizing Blend

Mint Energizing Blend
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Mint Energizing™ Essential oil Blend 

A blend of: rosemary, orange, grapefruit, spearmint, lemongrass and peppermint

You just can't seem to stay awake and your mental alertness has flown out the window - try a little Mint Energizing Blend.

The citrus oils and mints will give you some pep while the rosemary will give you the mental alertness and memory enhancing you'll need to get you through the afternoon.

Don't use this blend before going to bed - unless you have a novel you wish to finish!

Suggested use
This oil is for use in any diffuser, inhaler or jewelry.

Can also be used in a Cleaning bucket!
Use in a diffuser to give the whole room a fresh minty fragrance.

If you're the boss - see how much more productive your employees will be!

Do not apply to the skin if sun exposure is possible due to the citrus oils in this blend.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Teri , 07/30/2017

We love this blend. Works great as an inhaler. My spouse uses it on long road trips to keep him alert. I love for everyday to keep me energized. 

Reviewed by linda g, 03/27/2017

I love this blend! I put it in my diffuser necklace and I feel energized throughout the day!

Reviewed by Kathy , 02/18/2017

Great pick-me-up!

Reviewed by Patti , 12/10/2014

I love this blend! It smells wonderful!! I use it in my diffuser necklace and wear during the day to give me energy. Works great.

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