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Sensual Blend

Sensual Blend
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Sensual Essential oil Blend

A blend of: sandalwoods, palmarosa, nutmeg, vanillas, ylang ylang, and vetiver

Do you have a romantic evening planned?

Diffuse this in the air with a tealight candle diffuser for a romantic touch.

You might want to mix this with your favorite massage oil several days in advance so the essential oils can blend thoroughly with the carrier oil(s), then give someone special a massage. Aaah!

Suggested use
Diffuse in a diffuser. Mix with your choice of massage oil. A drop or two on a pillow. How about trying some in your shampoo and conditioner?

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by G. Well, 11/30/2016

I cannot get enough of this scent. It's spicy and warm and Effective at putting me in a relaxed mood.