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Snappy Gingerbread Blend

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Snappy Gingerbread Essential oil Blend

A blend of:Vanillas, Ginger, Clove Bud, Cassia and Cinnamon Leaf

 This blend is very reminiscent of good old fashion Ginger Snaps or Gingerbread. 

Although it may smell like these wonderful baked goodies the essential oils in this blend is good for your Health and Well-being.

Emotionally, this blend can remind you of wonderful days of your childhood.  The warm vanillas and spicy goodness of Ginger and the other oils may give you a sense of warmth, inner peace and calming as it helps to give you an uplifting strength and confidence to go about your day!

This 'snappy ginger' blend is filled with essential oils with many germ fighting abilities so diffusing this blend will help clear the air of many of the unhealthy nastie bugs we encounter anytime of the year. 

Diffusing this blend is definitely a Plus Plus for your whole family.

Suggested use:   Diffuse in any diffuser or add to potpourri, simmering pots and more.   

NOTE: For External Use Only, not for use in baking or any internal use.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amie , 12/07/2016

I absolutely love this blend! Perfect for diffusing over the winter. Very warming and makes my house smell like I'm baking gingersnaps. Perfect for replacing all those toxic air fresheners that make our house smell good but are full of chemicals. I also use this in my warmer with a bit of coconut oil.

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