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Senses Blend

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Senses Essential oil Blend

A blend of: sandalwoods, palmarosa, nutmeg, vanillas, ylang ylang, and vetiver.

NEW - Now available as a 5% dilution in Jojoba in a Roll-on bottle.

Do you have a quiet evening planned?   It is a wonderful blend for help with stress relief, grounding and feelings of contentment. 

This blend has more to do than to just smell nice.  It will awaken your SENSES with warm feelings, the Grounding, the relaxation it creates.

As one of our customers wrote: It's spicy and warm and effective at putting me in a relaxed mood.   

We have several other customers that have enjoyed this blend and know how empowering it can be at helping you feel down to earth, to help you be grounded. To make you feel safe and content in your own mind.   

You may have that tranquil feeling of wholeness with your surroundings.   This blend will be sure to delight the senses as you enjoy the scents the blend of these oils bring while you are snug, relaxing and harmonious with your world.

The Vetiver, vanillas and Sandalwoods do their work and the other oils in this blend make it an all around joy to diffuse.                

Suggested use
Diffuse in a diffuser. Mix with your choice of massage oil. A drop or two on a pillow. How about trying some in your shampoo and conditioner?

ROLL-ON version  Dab a bit on pulse points.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by , 10/11/2018

I first purchased this oil for my birthday over 10 years ago and I fell in love with the scent named it "MY Birthday " wearing every year on my birtday. Ive been rationing my dabs Lol!! the entire month of October yes Libra baby!!!! But I digress; I was like Al and Penny made this for me. The scent is a hidden treasure!!!! Thank you so much Birchhill Happenings

Reviewed by G. W, 11/30/2016

I cannot get enough of this scent. It's spicy and warm and Effective at putting me in a relaxed mood.

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