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Tei - Fu Blend

Tei - Fu Blend
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Tei - Fu Essential oil Blend

Ancient Chinese Essential oil blend - formula contains a blend of several essential oils including Camphor, Peppermint, Wintergreen and many other sweet floral essential oils.

This blend is very special as it can be used in a variety ways.  May work great for muscle aches, pains and soreness.  Also be be helpful with a variety of upper respiratory ailments.

It smells absolutely wonderful. Its smell reminds you of the heart shaped candies seen around Valentine's Day.

Suggested use:
Mix with a carrier oil or lotion and massage affected area. Diffuse in the air as desired.

NOTE: Contains methyl salicylate

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by RobertCah , 04/14/2018

Reviewed by Healthy P, 03/22/2018

This oil is a must have in our therapy rooms! We use it on our clients after a deep tissue massage and it takes the soreness away! Great for those burning, overtired muscles!

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