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Yin Balancer Synergy

$9.97 - $70.99
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Yin Balancer Essential oil Blend

A blend of Lavender, Basil, Clary Sage, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute and Geranium.

In energy studies in the Asian culture you will see the Yin - Yang symbol.  

Yin is the Female - opposite the Yang or Male symbol.

So as the name implies this is a Female Balancer.

Don't forget some males - need a little female balancing too to keep them - totally balanced too. 

Diffuse this or wear this as you desire.  If you are someone that enjoys it's smell - then your body is telling you it needs these essential oils to balance you - whether you are a male or female!

Suggested Use:  Diffuse in your 'Personal Space" or use in your Aromatherapy pen or Jewelry.

You can also add to our Body Spray base to use as a perfume or after bath spritzer.

Customer comment:

Cathy, a good customer of ours, asked if we could try to duplicate/replicate a hormone balance spray called Barbelos Yin Hormone Balancer.

She used to buy it but the business that used to make it has closed their website sales.
Cathy sent us her last little bit to see what we could do.

Well, read on for Cathy's Comment when we sent her our blend:
Hi Penny,
It’s PERFECT! I love it. Yippee!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anna , 04/06/2019

Can you use this as an inhaler? But not sure how many drops to use. Any advice?? Thanks. Anna
ADMIN: Yes you can just add several drops (5-10) to the inhaler wick and use as you would any inhaler.

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