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Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil
Tamanu oil
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Tamanu oil for massage
Calophyllum Inophyllum
Cold Pressed oil, Filtered, Unrefined, Virgin

Madagascar, Wild Crafted


Tamanu oil - Calophyllum inophyllum - also known as Foraha oil
A green-yellow-tan color with a sweet aromatic smell.

Tamanu Oil also known as Green Foraha among a dozen other names from around the Southeast Asia and Polynesia areas of the world.

A viscous (thick) almost cream like, non-greasy oil for all skin types.

Tamanu oil is a very nourishing oil used for healing all kinds of skin.

This oil is a strange green brown color (due to this particular years harvest/growing conditions) with a strong but sweet smell.

It absorbs quickly into the skin.

Tamanu oil has been studied since the 1930's in hospitals and researchers throughout the world.

It has a fairly strong, but sweet type smell. So it may alter the scent of your final product.

Again, you only need a little of this oil.

Tamanu oil is used in the Pacific Island area of Tahiti as a treatment to help any number of skin situations.  It is also used in hair care.

Main Constituents of Tamanu oil -
Oleic acid 30-60%
Linoleic acid 11-38%
Palmitic acid12-20%
Stearic acid 8-20%

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