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Tangerine EO and Full of Life Blend

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Tangerine 10ml & Full of Life Blend 10ml

You get both bottles in this Deal Combo.

More Info:

(Citrus reticulata)

Country of origin: Italy
Part used: Peel
Expressed/ Cold pressed

Full of Life ™ Blend

A blend of:  Orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon and spruce

This blend is filled with the ABUNDANCE of Life. It has beautiful essential oils to energize all of you and help you to notice all life around you. It will fill your life with meaning.

Several of the essential oils in the Full of Life Blend are great for the times when you need to sit and think things through.

When life has dealt you situations that require you to use your brain cells.

This blend of oils will help you as you sort through all the choices and help you to make a decision that you feel is right.

Energy will be Abundant and you will have more energy to succeed in your life!

Suggested use:
This oil is for use in Diffusing-inhalation. Use in any diffuser, inhaler or jewelry. Do not apply to the skin if sun exposure is possible due to the citrus oils in this blend.

This blend smells so wonderful. You may want to put some on a cloth and put it in your clothes dryer!

Our FULL of LIFE ™ Blend has the same oils as is found in a certain multilevel marketing companies ABUNDANCE TM blend. Our blend is made with high Therapeutic quality oils. You will not be disappointed. The pricing makes our blend much more affordable for everyone.
It is made from 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS.
If you want to dilute it down (and of course you should if you are going to use it on your skin) you may do so using your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or other base products.
Our pricing is much lower than their version and we have more sizes to choose to fit your budget.


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