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Tangerine to Ylang ylang Extra 

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Tangerine |Tea Tree, Australian | Thyme vulgaris ct Linalool | Thyme satureoides ct Borneal | Valerian | Vanilla Absolute in Jojoba | Vetiver | Wintergreen | Yarrow | Ylang ylang 3 | Ylang ylang Extra



Citrus reticulata


Starting At $5.39
Tea Tree
Tea Tree Australian

Melaleuca alternifolia

Starting At $5.39
Thyme Vulgaris
Thyme CT Linalool

Thymus vulgaris  

Starting At $7.49
Thyme Saturoides
Thyme, Satureoides

Thymus satureoides 

Starting At $6.99

Valeriana Officinalis

Starting At $10.30
Vanilla in Jojoba
Vanilla Abs in Jojoba

Vanilla planafolia in Jojoba

Starting At $3.79

Vetiveria zizanioides 

Starting At $15.79
Wintergreen plant

Gaultheria procumbens

Starting At $5.39

Achillea milliefolium

Starting At $16.63
Ylang Ylang Flower
Ylang ylang #3

Cananga odorata

Starting At $4.79
Ylang Ylang Flower
Ylang ylang Extra

Cananga odorata

Starting At $6.98

100% Pure Essential oils for use in Therapeutic aromatherapy. 
These high quality oils will help you to get to "know" the true scents and essences.

Please order 2ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend.

The  2 ml sizes have no orifice reducers.   We include ONE complementary pipette.   You may want to purchase some droppers or pipettes for use with the 2 ml bottles.

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