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Lavender Flowers
Lavender, Bulgaria Super


Lavender, Bulgarian SUPER
(Lavandula angustifolia)

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Part used: Flower
Steam Distilled

$4.99 - $40.49
Calming Blend

OUR MOST Popular Blend!

This special blend of essential oils will help to calm you.

$6.38 - $58.99

Boswellia frereana

Country of origin: Somalia
Part used: Resin Tears
Processed: Hydrodistillation

$5.88 - $59.88

(Mentha piperita)
Country of origin: USA
Part used: Leaf, flower
Steam Distilled

$3.29 - $21.99
Dar's Blend ™
Dar's Blend

Works great on Painful muscles!

Comparable to "PanAway®"

$9.49 - $132.58
Four Robbers Blend
Four Robbers Blend

As legend tells, a blend similar, was said to be used by robbers and thieves during the plagues!

Comparable to "Thieves®"

$6.38 - $54.79
Peaceful Blend
Peaceful Blend

A wonderful blend to help promote peacefulness from within.

Comparable to "Peace & Calming™"

$5.29 - $42.59
Coconut oil
Coconut Oil Fractionated

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Cocos nucifera
This oil is LIQUID at room temperature

Preferred by Massage Therapists


$2.38 - $24.79
Jojoba Natural

Jojoba Natural, Golden
Simmondsia chinensis
Expeller Pressed


$5.89 - $54.99
Talc Powder 5oz
Talc Powder

Fine, absorbant Powder
Many Uses!

$10.49 - $25.99
Bug Off
Bug Off! Spray

Proven Recipe in the Deep Woods

of Minnesota, Africa and other places
around the world!

$9.08 - $27.99
Scar Lightening Blend Oil
Scar Lightening Blend Oil

Help for the red line of a scar to lighten!
ON SALE   20%  off our regular price

$28.95 - $51.34
Beginner 2 Kit
The Beginner 2 Kit

A Little Larger Beginner Kit

Fan Fuser
Fan Fuser


Great Diffuser for Home & Office  

ONE of the Best Diffusers, at a very Low Price!


Was: $44.99
Now: $34.89
Storage box
Storage box

Wooden Storage Box

Lavender Sachet Kit
Lavender Sachet Kit

Easy to Make Sachets

Scentball diffuser
Scentball diffuser

The Easiest Plug-in
Scent maker
Order One or a dozen!

Tru Melange Fan Diffuser
Tru Melange Fan Diffuser


Most Popular Fan Diffuser

INCLUDES A/C adaptor or
runs on Batteries

Was: $31.89
Now: $28.79