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Uplifting Recipes

Uplifting Recipes to Brighten you during the Winter months.

Suffering from Cabin Fever, S.A.D. or just plain sick and tired of winter?   These recipes will help brighten your spirits!

Normally citrus and floral scents will make people feel happier, but, any oil you enjoy are ones that you should use.

Should you crave the scent of any essential oil,  then your body may be telling you there is something in that oil or oils your own chemical makeup needs. These may be the oil or oils you need to help you the most during this time.
Here are a some blends to help stimulate the brain and to help with the winter time doldrums.

Geranium - 11 drops
Ginger - 10 drops
Bergamot - 9 drops


Geranium - 15 drops
Bergamot - 10 drops
Lavender - 5 drops


Bergamot - 10 drops
Grapefruit -10 drops
Spearmint - 5 drops

Blend in a glass bottle and use in any diffuser or add several drops to bath or shower.
Remember any essential oil or blend you love to smell are always the most helpful.

So wear you Terra Cotta Pendants or other Aromatherapy Jewelry to help you all day long. Or use a Personal inhaler if you aren’t able to wear jewelry.

UPLIFTING Bath Blend  - Makes enough for several Baths.
Lemon - 6 drops
Coriander - 12 drops
Neroli - 6 drops
Ylang-Ylang - 5 drops
Blend in a glass bottle, then add the drops to your bath water. Add 5-6 drops of this Blend to your bath water

UPLIFTING Room Spray  
Lime- 50 drops
Grapefruit 50 drops
Orange - 10 drops
Patchouli - 10 drops
Spearmint – 5 drops
Emulsifier - 5 ml
Room spray base- 4 oz

Add essential oils and emulsifier into a clean bottle then add to the  Room Spray into the bottle Shake well then spritz in the air. Shake well before each use. This can be used in any diffuser by omitting the emulsifier and room spray base. Just blend in an glass bottle, shake well and then apply a few drops to your favorite diffuser


Orange - 4 drops
Clary Sage - 2 drops
Coriander - 2 drops
Ylang-Ylang – 2 drops
Jasmine - 1 drop
Palmarosa - 1 drop
Vetiver 1 drop

Blend these essential oils in a glass bottle and use in any diffuser or Personal inhaler or aromatherapy jewelry!

Make me not so Crabby Blend
Lavender– 15 drops
Cypress– 15 drops
Coriander – 15 drops
Ylang-Ylang – 15 drops
Blend the essential oils in a glass bottle. Diffuse in any fan diffuser .

This blend can be used in a bath too to lift your mood. Add 6-8 drops to an average size tub.

Don’t have a bathtub or prefer showers?  Apply 30 drops to a Terra Cotta Disc and let soak in the terra cotta. Then take this in the shower, set it on the floor where the water from the shower head can hit it. Let the shower stall fill with the scent for a minute or two. Enjoy!

Bergamot – 6 drops
Lime – 5 drops
Geranium – 2 drops
Ylang-ylang – 2 drops
Rosewood – 2 drops
Blend well in a glass bottle and diffuse in any diffuser.

Spearmint – 12 drops
Grapefruit – 8 drops
Clove bud - 2 drops
V'nilla blend– 2 drops
Blend well in a glass bottle and diffuse in any room diffuser.
Have fun!



Here are some of our Synergy blends you may enjoy.  

These are also available in pre-assembled in our UPLIFTING Sampler Kit.


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