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Recipes for Fall 2014

RECIPES  to try this August

Here are a few new recipes just for you!

They range from massage oils to many diffuser blends. To help freshen the air and remove odors, clean the floors and walls, help you sleep, and massage those sore running muscles!

“Sweet Dreams” – a pillow spray for those restless evenings
Lavender - 8 drops
Roman Chamomile - 4 drops
Orange - 4 drops
Ylang-Ylang 4 drops
Linen spray base – 2 oz

Shake well and spritz on pillow cases. Ideally best if sprayed 5-10 minutes prior to going to bed.
Let dry.   Great for your guests.   Great for kids too.

Floors and Walls Cleaner
Orange – 30 drops
Lemongrass – 20 drops
Spearmint – 10 drops
Emulsifier – 3 teaspoons
All Purpose Cleaner – 32 ounces

Blend the above then add all to a 2 ounces (1/4 cup) or less to a 1-2 gallon mop bucket and swish around and then mop floor or wipe down walls as you normally would. Rinse the walls if you desire.   Let dry naturally.

This base cleaner is used in our own home a couple times a week to mop the floors. It gives it a nice refreshing scent.

Surface Sanitizer for around the house
Peppermint – 50 drops
Orange – 40 drops
Cinnamon leaf – 20 drops
Emulsifier – 2 teaspoons
All Purpose Cleaner base - 8 ounces

Blend essential oils with Emulsifier then add to the All Purpose Cleaner base. Shake well. Spray on surfaces to sanitize, then wipe dry after a minute. Do not let pool for any length of time on a painted surface as essential oils could damage this finish.

This sanitizer is best for porcelain, glass and other hard surfaces (marble, granite etc).     

Don’t Panic – Stress less
Bergamot FCF – 5 drops
Lavender – 5 drops
Mandarin – 3 drops
Neroli – 3 drop
Geranium – 1 drop

Blend these essential oils together in an glass bottle. Then apply to any diffuser for personal use.

This blend is ideal in a Personal inhaler or on Jewelry such as our Terra Cotta Pendants. Or if you want to diffuse in your work area or near your favorite relaxing chair – use a passive Terra Cotta Disc diffuser.

a blend to help repel these furry critters.
Aroma beads Unscented – 2 oz   OR alternative for those that want a biodegradeable product use the Organic Fiber Bits
Organza bags with drawstrings – 4 or more
Peppermint- 4 ml
Spearmint– 4 ml

Blend the essential oils together in a suitable glass jar then add to the Aroma beads , shake well and let the essential oils absorb into the beads. This may take 24-48 hours. Then place 1 tablespoon scented beads in each of your sachets and place in the area where the mice like to enter your home, cabin or car(?).

You will have to monitor the scenting strength as you will have to ‘recharge’ the beads as needed. We have some we use that are still going great after 5 months.

 If you choose to use the Organic Fiber Bits - they will not last as long and will need to be rescented.

Keep the Moths away from Your Seasonal Clothing!
Cedarwood - 30 drops
Sandalwood - 30 drops
Lime - 20 drops
Lavender - 20 drops
Geranium - 20 drops
Aroma beads – 2 oz
Organza bags with drawstrings – several

Blend the essential oils together in a suitable glass jar then add to the Aroma beads, shake well and let the essential oils absorb into the beads. This may take 24-48 hours. Then place 1 tablespoon scented beads in each of your sachets and place in your closet or storage boxes.

Remember do not pack the clothing tightly around the scented bead filled sachets as they will work better if you leave a little “air space”.

REMOVING SMOKING ODORS (or burnt food too)
Cedarwood – 10 drops
Lavender – 8 drops
Lime – 8 drops
Lemon– 6 drops
Orange – 6 drops
Emulsifier– 3 mL
Room spray base in a Trigger bottle – 8 oz

Blend the essential oils and Emulsifier together and add to the Room Spray. Shake well and spray the air to help remove smoking odors and if necessary on other surfaces to help eliminate the smell of something burnt.

Please do not let pool on any surface as essential oils in this blend could mar the paint if left to sit to long.

This blend is best used as a quick – clean the air of odors room spray.

for use BEFORE the big Race or just plain old running!

Mandarin - 12 drops
Coriander – 9 drops
Rosemary - 9 drops
Black Pepper - 6 drop
Ginger - 6 drop
Unscented Lotion - 2 ounces

Marathons are very common all of the year.   We have a big one here in Minnesota along Lake Superior’s North Shore called Grandma’s Marathon each summer.    So I have been thinking of all those folks that run or jog and who well may need a little extra ‘warm’ up before heading for the run.

Blend these essential oils together and blend into the massage lotion. Apply and lightly massage your leg and calf muscles prior to your run. Or you can use it AFTER the RUN too. To ease those aches and pains.

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