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Slips Falls, Bruises and Painful joints

Slips & Falls, Bruises & Painful joints

by Penny Keay

Any time of year can be full of more slips and falls.  And in the winter due to the snow and icy conditions they can be more prevalent.

Because slipping and falls that cause bruising and painful joints can happen any time of the year, you might want to keep this page handy or in your first aid kit.

The type of injuries in this article are not serious type injuries but are the bumps and bruises you experience occasionally when doing everyday activities including things like: tripping over a toy or rug; twisting a foot/ankle while playing backyard sports and boom - you are on the ground; slipping on the ice and falling on your buttocks. Maybe even getting elbowed in the chest/or breast while playing with your kids. The scenarios are too vast to list here, but you know what I'm talking about.

Your elbow and knee joints, along with any fingers and toes can also get bruised and strained, (but not broken). Of course, bruising occurring around these joints involves injuries to the soft tissue.

Heaven forbid, if you should hit your face. This can produce terrible bruising too.

As with any of the above injuries, the first step is to apply ice or cold compresses.

The sooner you can apply cold, the less likely for tissue damage occurring from broken blood vessels. Ice or cold helps to reduce pain and swelling. If you suspect something is sprained or broken, keep the area quiet, keep the ice on and seek medical attention.

If you suspect it is only bruising, apply a few drops of Helichrysum 10% to the area immediately. Then continue applying the cold compress.  Helichrysum has the ability to reduce the under the surface bleeding associated with bruising and is also great at reducing pain.

Applying cold compresses for the first few days - 3 or more times a day will help. If you are using ice packs, please pay attention as you don't want to cause frost bite or frozen skin. Between the ice and cold packs, lightly apply the following blend on the affected areas.


Blends to Try

For General Bruising

Helichrysum -10 drops
Hyssop - 10 drops
Cypress - 10 drops
Geranium - 8 drops
Lavender - 2 drops
Carrier oil of your choice - 1 ounce.

Place essential oils in a bottle, then add the carrier oil of your choice. Blend well and apply to bruised areas several times a day.   Refrigerate unused portions for upto 6 months.

For General Joint Pains with mild bruising

Helichrysum -10 drops
Hyssop- 5 drops
Ginger - 6 drops
Cypress - 10 drops
Eucalyptus - 9 drops
1 ounce Carrier oil of your choice

Place essential oils in a bottle, then add the carrier oil of your choice.   Blend well and massage onto affected joint/s 4 to 6 times a day.   After 3 days, you can begin to apply heat compresses.  Refrigerate unused portions for upto 6 months. 

Bruise - Diminishing Blend

Marjoram- 4 - drops
Geranium - 3 drops
Helichrysum - 3 drops
Lavender  - 3 drops
Ginger - 2 drops
Juniper - 2 drops
Thyme - 2 drops
Carrier oil of your choice - 2 ounces

Place essential oils in a bottle, then add the carrier oil of your choice.  Blend well and apply to the bruised area several times a day.
  Refrigerate unused portions for upto 6 months. 

Don't want to spend time to blend?   Consider one of the following 'Made Fresh for you" Blends.

Yes, Our Scar Lightening Blend is a wonderful blend to use for many types of bumps, bruises, sprains and strains.

It has the wonderful oils of Helicrysum, Lavender and more in a base of Rosehip seed oil and Hazelnut oil.

If your injury involved a 'scrape' and bruise you should consider this blend.

Remember the Name of a Blend - doesn't dictate what the blend may be useful for.  The Ingredients of essential oils is what you need to look for.   Many of the blends below have similar ingredients to the above listed recipes.   These are made fresh the day we ship them out and are good for up to 1 year when kept refrigerated.

Blue Muscle Mend Massage
Sweet Muscle Relief Massage Blend,

Muscle Relief Masage Blend,
Pins & Needles Massage

There may be others too that will work for your situation.


The information provided on this Website-Blog is for informational and educational purposes only. 
You should not use this information to replace medical advice given by a licensed medical practitioner. Anyone considering alternative therapies should remember to consult with their licensed medical professional before using any alternative or complementary method.  We do not give nor is any opinion on our web site medical advice, they are merely suggested uses.

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