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Cupcake Mist Diffuser
Cupcake Mist Diffuser
Was: $24.99
Now: $19.99
Eucalyptus Lemon
Eucalyptus Lemon

Eucalyptus citriodora

$4.18 - $19.99
Marjoram, Sweet

Origanum marjorana

$5.39 - $36.49
Mio fan Diffuser
Mio Fan Diffuser
Was: $13.99
Now: $10.99
Blood Oranges
Orange, Blood

Citrus sinesis

$3.99 - $14.29
Rosemary Verbone
Rosemary ct Verbenone

Rosmarinus officinalis

$5.79 - $34.49
Aroma Pearl
Aroma Pearl
Was: $24.99
Now: $19.99
Fresh Face Blend
Fresh Face Blend

Used mixed in with your Toner to help your skin be it's best!

$5.69 - $43.38
ORGANIC Four Robbers Blend
ORGANIC Four Robbers Blend

ALL Organic & Certified Organic Essential Oils.
Comparable to "Thieves®"

$8.58 - $79.99
Tei - Fu Blend
Tei - Fu Blend

Ancient Chinese Essential oil blend

$4.79 - $23.99
The Cleane
The Cleaner

Clean, Clean, Clean

Fresh and Sweet!

Comparable to "Purification™"

$5.59 - $35.99
Coconut Oil
Coconut, Expeller Pressed

Cocos nucifera 

$2.39 - $19.99

Medium Chain Triglycerides

$2.49 - $25.99
Rosehip seed Oil Virgin

Rosa canina, Virgin

$12.99 - $99.99
Keep it Moving Massage Blend
Keep It Moving Massage

Keep yourself a moving! 

$5.59 - $11.49
Muscle Relaxing Blend
Muscle Relaxing Blend

Warming & Relaxing - ooooo!

$9.19 - $23.19
Painful Joint 2oz
Painful Joints Massage Blend

Overworked those muscles & Joint?

$6.86 - $15.29
Air Freshen Room Spray
Air Freshen Room Spray

Air Freshener Spray

$4.79 - $12.78
Talc Powder 5oz
Talc Powder

Fine, absorbant Powder
Many Uses!

$10.49 - $22.99
Aroma Pen Bamboo
Aroma Pen Bamboo

Enjoy Your Favorite scents while Writing.

Was: $15.99
Now: $12.79
Aromafier Fan Diffuser
Was: $14.99
Now: $10.99
Ivory Lace
Ivory Lace Electric Warmer

Fits any decoration plan.

Orbit Fan Diffuser
Orbit Fan Diffuser

Head to Outer Space!

Was: $12.99
Now: $9.99
Aroma Pods Lavender
Personal Pod Diffuser

Package of Three

Plastic Nasal Inhalers - Black 5 pack
Plastic Nasal Inhalers - Black 5 pack

Affordable inhalers

Was: $6.89
Now: $5.99
Aquarius Terra Cotta Pendant
Aquarius Pendant

20 January-19 February

Capricorn Terra Cotta pendant
Capricorn Pendant

23 December-19 January

Four Robbers Wax Tarts
Four Robbers Wax Tarts

Four Robbers Scented
with Our Essential oils

Was: $9.69
Now: $6.78
Pure Cleansing Wax Tart
Pure Cleansing Scented Wax Tarts

This is our Most Popular Scented Tart

Was: $5.19
Now: $3.99

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