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November - New Items listed Nov 14, 2018

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aka West Indies Sandalwood
Amyris balsamifera

$4.19 - $37.29
Spruce Needle
Black Spruce

Picea mariana

$3.79 - $34.29
Bumps & Bruises Blend
Bumps & Bruises Blend

Wonderful blend to help with many discomforts.

$8.99 - $104.79

Citrus clementina

$4.89 - $27.29
Coconut oil
Coconut Oil, Virgin

Cocos nucifera

$2.98 - $7.89
E-warmer Oil Warmer
E warm oil warmer

Simple to create a relaxing atmosphere

Easy Breathe Blend
Easy Breathe Blend

Help to breathe a little easier!

$5.89 - $36.29
Foaming Clean Hands Soap
Foaming Clean Hands Soap

For ALL skin cleaning not just your hands!

$3.29 - $13.99
Frangipani Absolute 5%

Plumeria rubra

5% in fractionated coconut

$10.08 - $35.99
Light pink flower with tree of Life

Includes 16" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $29.99
Now: $24.89
Silver Accented Flower with tree of life

Includes 16" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $29.99
Now: $24.89
Yellow and white Flower

Includes 20" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $34.99
Now: $29.99
Jasmine Flowers
Jasmine Abs PREMIUM

Jasminum grandiflorum

$27.29 - $94.29
Keep It Movin' Blend
Keep It Movin' Blend

Keep Agile and limber!

$6.89 - $44.79
Lavandin, Grosso
Lavandin, Grosso

Lavandula Hybrida

$3.29 - $18.19
Muscle Rub Blend
Muscle Rub

Go away achy muscles! 

$8.29 - $17.49

Pogostemon cablin

$4.48 - $25.78
Restless Relief Massage Blend
Restless Relief Massage Blend

When you need to stop those legs from moving when you want to sleep!

$11.89 - $27.69
Revitalizing Blend
Revitalizing Blend

How about some more "get up and go"?

$5.98 - $35.89
Sandalwood, India

Santalum album

$22.19 - $66.89
Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter

 Light, absorbant  & moisturizing

$3.49 - $11.79
Courage ™ Blend
Courage Blend

A blend to build your self esteem.
Comparable to "Valour ®"

$7.99 - $81.99
Forest Rain Blend
Forest Rain Blend

Smells like the Forest after a spring rain.

$6.59 - $49.99
Pure Cleansing Blend

Clean & Purify the Air around you!

$5.99 - $44.99
Tropical Dream
Tropical Dreams

NOW with more Vanilla!!

Warm sandy beaches, floral gardens, gentle breezes.

$9.59 - $63.79
Back Rub Massage
Back Rub Massage Blend

Nice Back Massage Blend

$9.19 - $21.88
Fatigue Relief Massage Oil
Fatigue Relief Oil

Uplifting & Motivating

$7.79 - $18.99
ALS Sulfate Free Shampoo
ALS NoSulfate Shampoo

Sulfate AND Paraben FREE

$2.68 - $29.99
Bees Wax Yellow

Apis Melifera
Certified Organic

$3.59 - $18.99
Hand and Body Cream
Hand and Body Cream

Basic Hand and Body Cream

$2.69 - $36.49
Take me Along case
Take me Along Case

Great to take a few oils with you.

Aroma Pen Bamboo
Aroma Pen Bamboo

Enjoy Your Favorite scents while Writing.

Silver Accent Flower Pendant

Includes 18" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $21.48
Now: $16.99
Small Light Yellow Flower and Tree of Life with Silver Accents

Includes 16" Sterling Silver Chain 

Was: $29.99
Now: $24.89
Silver Accented Flower Pendant

Includes 18" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $30.98
Now: $22.99
Medium Pink - Strawberry Like Flower with Silver accents

Includes 18" Sterling Silver Chain

Was: $25.99
Now: $19.99

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