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Yin & Yang Design Tealight

Yin & Yang Tealight Diffuser
Yin & Yang Tealight Diffuser
Yin & Yang Tealight Diffuser
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Yin & Yang Tealight Diffusers

The Yin & Yang are TWO diffusers.
Approximate size is 5 1/2" diameter and 4" tall.

 This Chinese symbol is loved by all!

The Black and The White in perfect balance!

And this Diffuser is actually Two separate Diffusers.

Each can have their own scent diffusing or diffuse the same scent in both.

The supplier of these beautiful diffusers the writings on the diffuser are very "Auspicious" - meaning they are full of good things!

These are simple to use. Just put a Wax Mini Tart in the bowl, light the tea light, once that has melted, add about 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils and candle.

Within a few minutes you will be enjoying the beautiful scents and the light flickering through the diffuser.

These diffusers are small and use a small amount of wax. 

Most tealight candles will last about 2 hours.

Simply Add a Wax Tart or two to the bowl, Light the tea light candle - please use tea light candles in metal cups.

Once the wax has melted you can then add several drops of essential oils.

We recommend you use wax tarts with this diffuser as your scent will last longer and it will prevent the bowl from burning dry and breaking.

** If you should choose to use water in these small diffusers and do not monitor the water level, your diffuser bowl can be damaged or broken from the heat of the tealight candle. 

See our selection of Scented or you can use unscented soy/beeswax wax tarts where you can add your own essential oils and blends.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Paula , 05/15/2014

I just received my Yin Yang Diffuser. I LOVE it! It was better than I expected. It's "bisque" finish. I love getting two for one, it's a heavy weight, not flimsy and matches my kitchen. The white is not a pure bright white which is fine, more like an ivory which goes great with the decor. Melts wax fast!